How to organize an office party with a Small Budget?

Introduction The holidays are quickly approaching, and this is the time of year when human resource specialists start organizing parties. The majority of your staff members are anticipating a small party, but from a business standpoint, things can get a little pricey. Even though parties are fun, many businesses believe that those resources would be […]

The Importance of Event Management

The best event solutions are provided by the services of a professional Event Management Company, which increases the importance of event management. If you want to put on an unforgettable event, whether it’s a personal event, a corporate event, a CSR event, or a wedding, you need to understand the value of event management. Event […]

Traditional Recipes that turn your wedding into a “Celebration”

Traditional Recipes that turn your wedding into a “Celebration” Weddings are a one-time festival you celebrate in your life. It needs to be filled with the colours of joy and pleasure. I suppose that you cannot plan your wedding menu without including any one of the Traditional Indian Recipes. It is highly complex to plan […]

Are you planning to have live food stations in your events?

Are you planning to have live food stations in your events? Planning your event is arduous unless you find the right caterer suitable to you. Once you find the right caterer, the next difficulty you face is regarding the menu. The reputed Professional Caterers provide Live food stations that seem to be classy, who prepare […]

The Strategy of planning your Corporate Events – Prasidh Caterers

Planning your corporate caterers is immensely difficult but it is going to be simple if you follow our outstanding ideas. 1. Must have an idea of guests The first and foremost thing is to have an estimation in figuring out the guests. This is extremely important in a certain way because it helps you to […]

Hyderabad’s Leading Best and Finest Catering Services – Prasidh Caterers

Prasidh Catering Prasidh Caterers – Time is changing fast. Until a few decades ago, any celebration related to any household or family was considered as a neighborhood relation in most places of India, especially in Hyderabad. Not only were the kith and relative of the festive family, but also the entire neighborhood gathered voluntarily, and […]

Pumpkin Pie Recipe – Prasidh Cuisines | Best Catering Services in Hyderabad

This is the conventional festival pumpkin pie recipe. If we had to choose an international dessert, pumpkin pie recipe would be at the peak of the list. It’s been part of our culture since splendid days. This pie lets the pumpkin tell the story, with a little bit of help from lemon juice, cinnamon, and […]

How to make chicken 65 | Prasidh Cuisines Special Style

chicken 65, chicken 65 recipe

Find what you should Cook for a healthy morning and evening times at Prasidh Catering Services in Hyderabad‘s Blog. Pick an Easy Recipes experienced and reviewed by home cooks like you. These easy Chicken 65 recipe is a simple and basic recipe for making Chicken 65 using cubed boneless chicken pieces and some spices. There […]

Why are prasidh caterers is the best catering services in Hyderabad

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One of our clients Srinivas Reddy’s Testimonial about Prasidh catering services in Hyderabad and Secunderabad I am a manager of a corporate company and lately, many employees have been complaining that their food is not good at our company canteen. Keeping the plight of the staff in mind we decided that we should search an […]