Are you planning to have live food stations in your events?

Planning your event is arduous unless you find the right caterer suitable to you. Once you find the right caterer, the next difficulty you face is regarding the menu.

The reputed Professional Caterers provide Live food stations that seem to be classy, who prepare food instantly and serve. This gives you a chance to enjoy the flavour of food immediately.

Preferring live stations are a great choice as it attracts your guests. But it depends on your interest to have it or not.

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Firstly, let us understand the difference between a live food station and a buffet :

If you go with a live food station, the chef prepares food instantly while the guests are watching. Whereas, in a buffet already prepared food is served by the guests. They walk around and serve the food themselves.

Advantages of Live Food stations :

  1. Make your event classy as live food stations attract your guests as they love to have instant food.
  2. As many people get accumulated at a buffet, they get a chance to walk to a food station.
  3. Though serving food at live stations takes time, they get entertained by noticing how the food is being prepared by the chef.
  4. As they walk around from one live station to the other, people interact with each other by sharing their food experiences. This creates a festive atmosphere around as it might be a chance to mingle with each other.
  5. It will be suitable for all types of events whether it might be small gatherings, get-together, wedding, birthday parties or a corporate event.

Prasidh Caterers provide services of live food stations with the Mediterranean, Continental, Chinese, Italian and seasonal foods being served.

As it is a certified professional caterers in Hyderabad, offers you multiple menu options for a buffet as well as live food stations. They have expert chefs who have an art of preparing all varieties of cuisines instantly by mesmerizing you with their talent.