Top 5 Catering Food Ideas for Your Marriage – Marriage Caterers in Hyderabad

The Marriage Day is a very special day in everyone’s life. It is the day when you make promises and bond with your better-half. But even already your step-up the stage to say ‘I do’, there is a long list of the list that needs your consideration. Confidently, catering and food menu tops the list.
To proposal, a wedding food menu simply and quickly looks at the following food thoughts.

Top 5 catering Food Ideas for Your marriage, caterers in hyderabad

Quick Starters

The most crunchy and crispy part of any marriage is when the snacks are being served. An exciting snacks menu has all the strength to make the cocktail hour the best part of the wedding. Impress your guests with your inventive and amazing food presentation.

Breakfast Foods

Had a great time at your best colleague’s marriage? Then now it is your turn? Make your marriage as special and unique as you! Go for a brunch wedding reception with Dosa stall, dhahi wada, muffins, Indian breakfast, and live the best day of your life fully.

Live Food Counters

Live Food Counter ideas are becoming very famed these days. These are a cool and hassle-free option for any marriage. Live Food Counters are a superb combination of bold, contemporary and classic twists. So, don’t hesitate! Serve your visitors with delicious foods on live.

Colour Matched Cocktails

Remember, the first impression is the last impression. Make sure the arrangement of the cocktail counter is pleasant, neat and interesting. Add something rhythmic to the cocktail hour with color-matched drinks. Trust us, this hour is the most waited for an hour at any marriage!

Planned A Theme Menu

The idea of a Theme food menu is amazingly good-looking and popular. Themes set the right manner for the whole marriage menu. There are a variety of food themes to choose from any Marriage Caterers in Hyderabad, such basic menu, standard menu, premium catering menu, etc. Select your favorite catering food menu for and make your wedding a trendy matter.

Choose these catering ideas and make your guests go over these amazing arrangements from Prasidh Marriage Caterers in Hyderabad.