One of our clients Srinivas Reddy’s Testimonial about Prasidh catering services in Hyderabad and Secunderabad

I am a manager of a corporate company and lately, many employees have been complaining that their food is not good at our company canteen. Keeping the plight of the staff in mind we decided that we should search an best caterers in Hyderabad for the staff at the canteen.  It was then that I started my research to get the best and the experienced caterers in Hyderabad. The dearth of good catering services in India is quite. Amongst the few that are available, it is hard to make a choice about who might walk away with the cake when it comes to taste and quality principles. After much study, I found that prasidh caterers are by far one of the best corporate caterers in Hyderabad. They are scrupulous professionals in the field and have been in the business for the past 12 years and their office are located in Secunderabad. Their core business involves best authentic north Indian food, south Indian food, and cocktail too.

We called them on their helpline number existing on their website and they sent over a team of professionals who came over to assess the food requirement. They are the best in their field of business and were extremely knowledgeable with respect to everything related to catering services in Secunderabad and Hyderabad. They also take into consideration the budget you have in mind for the Company project

Their consultants are for all time available to help you make the right choice for your utmost benefit. They have a range of all types of food menus for you to choose from. They are extremely professional and severely to delivery deadline.  As far as the quality goes, they follow corporate standard controls to make sure the food in your clients are having on is totally taste and quality from the visual position too.

If you too are looking to set up the best catering services in your company or if you want to improve the current catering food in your company or weddings and any occasions they would be the best caterers in Hyderabad to contact. Their reply time, as well as pre and post-delivery services, are sparkling. They also offer annual maintenance packages for corporate companies. prasidh caterers, by far is the top caterers in Secunderabad and Hyderabad I have come across. Do contact them to know further information. I don’t think you will be upset with your experience with other caterers which you have given. My experience with them was soft and their experience in the catering talks a better story than my recommendation. Contact them now and make them vary.

Prasidh Caterers: Thanks, Mr. Srinivas Reddy for your valuable review of our organization,


Contact number: 9059530560