Traditional Recipes that turn your wedding into a "Celebration"

Weddings are a one-time festival you celebrate in your life. It needs to be filled with the colours of joy and pleasure.

I suppose that you cannot plan your wedding menu without including any one of the Traditional Indian Recipes.

It is highly complex to plan your wedding menu, right?

 If you are about to plan your wedding menu, below I suggest a few of the Traditional Indian Recipes that everyone would fall in love with!

Try these Indian dishes for weddings based on your budget to make your event a memorable one :


Punner Butter Masala:

This is a rich North Indian recipe which is a perfect combination for roti or butter naan. Main ingredients of this recipe include paneer, tomatoes, and cashews.

Dhal Makhani:

The most popular Punjabi dish served at North/ South Indian weddings is prepared using Kidney beans soaked overnight. The aroma of this recipe brings richness to your event.


Popular Hyderabadi dish in which brinjals are deep-fried until they turn soft. The ingredients used in this recipe are peanuts, sesame seeds, and coconut which gives taste to the gravy.


A delicious Hyderabad recipe prepared by using green chillis which is a nice combination for roti/naan and biryani.

Chole Masala:

Punjabi style chole masala prepared using chickpea soaked until it is gently soft and gravy gets a nice texture adding tomatoes, and some flavoured spices to it.

Veg Kurma:

Key ingredients used for this South Indian dish include mixed vegetables with fennels, cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon.

PalakKofta Curry:

Prepared using palak puree with soft paneerkoftas dumped in onion-tomato gravy. The combination of paneer and palak tastes sweet and tangy as it is dumped in onion-tomato gravy.

Fried Curries

Tindora Fry:

Known as “dondakaya” fry in Telugu, a delicious recipe prepared by frying thin-sliced tindora which is good combination for rice.


This is a recipe prepared using besan, onions, peanuts, and spices which is a combination for roti and rice.

Gobi 65:

Extraordinary dish which can be served as a fry recipe and also as an appetizer, prepared using cauliflower which wins the hearts of guests.

Babycorn Capsicum Fry:

Prepared by slightly baby corn and thin-sliced capsicum which is a good combination for roti and rice.


Instant Mango pickle:

This is prepared using raw unripe mangoes, mustard seeds, curry leaves by adding some spices. It is a mandatory pickle recipe that we usually include in our South Indian weddings.

Dosakaya pickle:

 This traditional Andhra pickle recipe is prepared using yellow cucumber, red chilli powder, mustard seeds, and salt.

Sweet/ Sour lemon Pickle:

This is also an instant pickle recipe which is made of lemons, jaggery and spice powders.

Gooseberry pickle:

This tangy and spicy pickle made using Indian gooseberries, red chilli, and spice powders.


Creamy Cheese Rolls/ Balls:

Thin rolls/balls which are stuffed with carrot, potato, celery and filled with cheese makes it crunchy.

Paneer -Tikka Recipe:

A divine recipe is prepared using Indian Cheese, paneer and mint. PaneerTikka is a perfect recipe as it gets soft inside and makes people mad with a crunchy outside.

Corn Fritters Recipe with roasted bell pepper sauce :

This is a scrumptious snack that is prepared using fried baby corn served with roasted bell pepper sauce. This is loved by people who preferably would like to have something tangy and spicy.

Vegetarian Manuchurain:

The Indo- Chinese starter prepared using vegetables and coated with thick and flavored sauce by using spices.



Crisp starter prepared by using maida, vegetables deep-fried in oil. This should be served hot with onions and green chilli.


Must-have recipe in your weddings which is known for its crispy texture and flavour.

Masala Papad:

Crispy papad served with onion, tomato mixture will be loved by your guests.


 The lip-smacking chat prepared using crisp papads and crunchy sev sprinkled on it.


Delicious Indo-Chinese Cuisine, a must-have recipe at your weddings.



Popular Marathi milk sweet dish garnished with almonds is the exotic Indian dessert that mesmerizes your guests.


The spongy creamy oval-shaped balls which are sugary are divine for Indian weddings.


Crunchy outside and inside filled with sweet Koya fried in sugar syrup is an Indian delight.


Sweet Indian dish that is crunchy and juicy tastes best when dipped in cold rabdi/milk.

Tawa sweet:

TheTawa-mithai Dish is to be served instantly, recommended only if using live food station. They serve you with a variety of mouth-watering sweets.

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