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Best Saving Ideas To Make Your Wedding In Low Budget – Wedding Caterers in Hyderabad

If you want to save a money on your loving weddings, here some of the best saving ideas

1. Provide Your Own Appetizers
This may take time consuming, but it’s actually pretty easy, mainly if you prefer snacks that can be made ahead of time and cold, then just warmed up right before snacks hour. Most caterers charge an overprice for snacks, and you could save some amount of percent. Here are some of prasidh cuisines favourite, quick and easy snacks recipe ideas you can use.

2. Don’t Hire More Waiters
Our Client’s thought it would be really fun to have waiters walking around with trays of snacks and drinks at their marriages. end however, they decided to pass on the suggestion. Your visitors will care a bunch more about truly having snacks than how it is offered to them, and you will not have to pay the additional wait employees.

3. Set out Simple
Your visitors will maybe hungry when they enter at the greeting, and most of them would not care what they would have as long as they can have some variety of snacks before wedding. So prefer few simple dry snacks, juices, and some fruit chat. Your visitors will be very fulfilled with just that.

4. Bring your own beverages
When you reserve your wedding venue, make sure to ask over if it is okay to carry your own beverages. By bringing your own cocktail and liquor, you would not have to pay the overstated prices.

5. Limit Open Bar
If your wedding is for 4 hours, judge only having open liqueur counter for the first hour. Many guests will have a drink when they enter at the party while they are coming up for the celebrations to begin and will not have a 2nd drink. Others will run off after ceremonial dinner is served and will not even be there for the second half to have an open bar.

6. Serve Non-Alcoholic Beverages
We at prasidh caterers recently organize the beautiful wedding on a farm once that served a bunch of non-alcoholic drinks, such as fruit smoothies.

7. Do not Set up a table system
Serving intense snacks instead of a meal has been a big style in modern years. visitors could mingle more, and can still get happy with the appetizers. And your budget will thank you too.

8. Pick a Hall that allows Outdoor wedding caterers services
Make sure your wedding hall allows you to use the caterers of your selection. This is not the case with a lot of banquette halls that want you to eat their catering food.

9. Make sure the Prices of Both plate and Buffet Caterings 
We always suggest that a buffet is more costly because visitors will eat extra food. At the venue for your wedding, this was right; the buffet was most costly than the plate system catering. Most venue owners will fight the opposite. Our suggestion is to verify the prices of both options, and go with the cheaper and best catering services in Hyderabad or any where.

10. Consider food counters
the counters concept allows visitors to stay different types of food stations to get their foodstuff. You would have a figure station, a Italian pasta station, a fruit chat station, a south Indian food station, vegetarian food counter and non vegetarian food so on. This is the best option for current weddings functions and Corporate Caterers in Hyderabad.

11. Have Your Family Cook
You might have a pre-wedding party the day before your wedding where the best chefs in your family get jointly to make their customized dishes. This plan will work great with also a buffet or sitting arrangements.

12. Do not keep Out of Seasonal food
Several dishes are seasonal, so make sure you do not serve no matter which out of season. This can be very expensive because the food needs to be transported long distances, which effect wedding caterers pricing.

13. Have a Sweets Bar
Go to a nearest sweet store and pick out best sweets to serve in different dishes on a sweet section. This is much cheaper than a catering sweets and a lot more fun. The best sweets for weddings to choose – menu

14. Serve Smaller Slices
If you decide to keep costly sweets in your wedding that is more expensive, see if you can make small as if possible, and serve minor slices. Most caterers in Hyderabad charge by the sweets. So make small slices if possible.

15. Keep Daytime wedding
Usually Breakfast and lunch cost less than dinner so think having a morning weddings. we have been doing wedding caterers in Hyderabad since 12 years now, we don’t charge either daytime or dinner, we do charge same for all time.

16. Invite fewer guests
As we told, catering food is where a giant amount of your cash goes for a wedding. Since catering plate per man is usually charged by the head, invite fewer guests as a way to save some money. This applies to cocktail invitation as well.

Conclusion – Prasidh Caterers Hyderabad
There are lots of ways to save money on food and drink at your wedding, make sure that choose best wedding caterers, have sample food before you are going to pay advance.