Privacy Policy

Prasidh Catering Services is dedicated to making sure the privacy and security of all information collected from our team. This Privacy Policy outlines the information collection practices utilized by us, how that information is used, and the choices you can make about the information you provide to us is composed and used.

Prasidh Catering Services WebSite

Unlike other web sites, there is certain information we automatically track when you go through the Prasidh Caterers website, including the URL that you came from, the browser you are using, and your IP address. This particular data is used to improve the services of us. We will not hang about any such information unless you submit that information for ordering or transactional purposes.

If you use the secured or “members only” section of our website “” may be transferred to your computer. Cookies store information regarding your use of the site which may be used by us to identify you and otherwise allow the capable use of the website.

How we use the information

The information that you give will be collected and saved by us is used to review your requirements and to enable prasidh Caterers to properly run the organization and to enable the related service to be provided to you. It may also be used for further purposes which you would logically expect, for example, for investigation, staff guidance, policy development, scheduling, or for supply to third-party service providers such as mailing houses that we use to send you surface post stuff.

We do not vend, rent, or buy and sell your personal information to third parties for other advertising purposes. As a user of Prasidh Caterers, you may rarely receive email or other updates from us regarding the latest information.

Opting out of promotional information

Prasidh Events planner works hard to afford our members and clients with the best potential service at all times. on or after time to time, we will send our members, updates, and other helpful information. We hope that you will find these items useful. However, should you choose to not receive them in the prospect, you will have the ability to unsubscribe from the mail record by following the Unsubscribe commands at the base of each email.

Access to your information

If you desire to make out what information we have gathered about you, you can ask for this information by contacting our privacy executive. We will endeavor to reply to your call as soon as possible.

How to contact us

If you have any concerns or queries about Prasidh events Privacy Policy or would like further information, please call us using the details displayed on the Contact Us page of our website.